TCB Bolt Installations

Site Service Engineering are recognised specialists in the installation of Tension Control Bolts. Tension Control Bolts or TCBs as they are commonly known throughout the industry, are replacing conventional high strength friction grip bolts and swaged collar rivets. Guaranteed tension together with visual inspection ensures engineers that connections are tightened in accordance with specifications. Site Service Engineering use Tension Control Bolts in a wide range of applications including:

The lowest cost method for properly installed High Strength Friction Grip and pre-load bolts

The combination of superior tensile strength together with phenomenal ductility result in a universal bolt that can be employed in almost all steelwork connections.


Safety benefits to the client

No air compressors with dangerous pipes & cables
Low on-site noise – under HSE minimum levels
No acid required to etch bolts prior to painting due to special Greenkote metal finish

Maintenance and Protection?

TCB’s are coated with Greenkote®.  The application of Greenkote® is comparable to galvanising, although it is harder wearing and readily accepts all paint systems.

TCSM production process (Greenkote®) is totally environment friendly. Unlike conventional coatings, Greenkote® does not produce any solid, liquid or gaseous toxic wastes. The process is also free of chrome, cadmium, acids, cyanides and chlorides.

Greenkote® metal finish has a very hard surface and does not crack or flake

Greenkote® metal finish accepts paint without any preparation – no etching required